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Travel & Resources: SURABAYA

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SURABAYA (Jawa Timur Province) -- area code (62-31)

General Information

    In mid-2012, one Indonesian ISP began blocking websites with gay content. If you want to access your favorite websites on holiday, avoid using SIM cards from Tel Komsel or staying at hotels that use Telkom as their service provider.

    The population of Surabaya is over 3 million (that's 120,000 Utopians).

  • Lesbian listings
  • Men in Surabaya message forum
  • Surabaya Gay Scene Updates message forum


  • AIDS/HIV organizations and information
      Jln Mojo Kidul I/11A, Surabaya 60285, 591-4668, email. Providing personal contacts, HIV/AIDS counselling, community outreach and gay awareness workshops. Publishes a monthly magazine under the same name. GAYa NUSANTARA coordinates the Indonesian lesbian and gay network, consisting of lesbian and gay organizations and individual activists throughout the nation. Many of the organizations in the network comprise transgendered people (waria) and lesbians. Other coordinating bodies are IPOOS/Gaya Betawi for the Jakarta metropolitan area and Sumatra, Gaya Dewata for Bali, Nusa Tenggara and East Timor, and Gaya Celebes for Celebes, the Moluccas and Irian Jaya (West Papua).
  • Persatuan Waria Kota Surabaya (Perwakos)
      Jln Banyu Urip Kidul IA, No. 7 Surabaya - Jatim, 561-3127, email: perwakos2002@yahoo.com
  • Persekutuan Hidup Damai & Kudus
      Jln Ngagel Rejo Kidul 113 Surabaya, Jatim - 60245, 568-8418.
  • Us Community (LGBT youth)
      Jln Nginden Baru IV - No. 30, 0899-333-6877

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

    • Kowloon Club
        5/F Delta Plaza (downtown).

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Kowloon Club has a gay scene but the prices are very exepensice." -- darkrelic, Nov 14, 2010

    • Vertical 6
        J.W. Marriott Hotel, Jln Embong Malang. This club has a majority gay and MSM crowd, especially on weekend nights.

      Comments from Utopians:

      "There is a large gay scene at Stadium night club in TP shopping mall. You can meet just about anyone you want there. Lido's near Shangri-La is another hangout but it is a very small club and they rarely see foriengers there. Downstairs is a great place for cheap food and cheap drinks and usually plenty of bule there. Redboxx burned down a few months ago and Homeball Bar & Lounge is now closed." -- darkrelic, Nov 14, 2010

      "I agree with Wolf789's experience. Went to Desperado Mexican Bar yesterday. In five minutes all the moneygirls around me. OMG, could not think of anything else but to flee...where are the men?" -- shotty, Apr 25, 2010

      "Went to Desperado Mexican Bar in the Shangri-La on a Fri night recently - it was quite disappointing. Didn't spot any gays and the crowd was mostly local moneygirls and the straight middle-aged business men who like them. The upside is that the DJ was excellent and it has a nice dance floor, so it would be a great place to party as long as you go with friends." -- Wolf789, Apr 8, 2010


    • Red Top Cabaret (mixed)
        Semut St. Best on Sat.
    • Taman Remaja
        Waria (transgender) show on Thu nights.


    • Borneo Club
        Jln Tunjungan (downtown).
    • Calypso
        Kenjeran Amusement Park (Pantai Ria Kenjeran). Sun nights.
    • Station Top 10 (mixed)
        6/F Plaza Tunjungan, Tunjungan St . Fri and Sat nights best.

Fitness and Gyms

    • Atlas Gymnasium
        64-67 Jln Darma Husada Indah Barat III, 594-5466. 594-2766. Walk-ins welcome. Cruisy.

Meeting Places

    • Bungurasih Terminal (back part). Nightly, gay men.
    • Cantikan (transgender) in the Pasar Arom area. Lot's of middle eastern men here.
    • Gunung Sari at Jln Irian Barat (opposite the Patra Hilton Hotel). Transgender and popular with tourists.
    • Irbar (transgender)
        Jln Irian Barat.

        Comments from Utopians:

        "If you want to meet ladyboys then head to Jln Irian Barat or better known as Irbar, but don't leave any valuables in your bike because they will surely get stolen." -- darkrelic, Nov 14, 2010

    • Irian Barat St. (transgenders), nightly.
    • Pasar Atum Complex, Terminal One
    • "Pattaya"
        Jln Kangean (opposite the submarine monument), the narrow street along the Kalimas river between Pemuda St and Irian Barat St. Nightly, popular cruising for gay men. If you drive, park at the east end of Surabaya Plaza.
    • Shopping malls
      • Excelso Cafe at Surabaya Plaza, Galaxy Mall and Plaza Tunjungan 3 (shopping centers).
      • Surabaya Plaza, Jln Pemuda (near the Garden Palace and Radisson hotels), especially 2nd floor facility opposite the Cellini boutique.
      • Tunjungan Plaza I, II, III at Jln Embong Malang. Especially in front of Gunung Agung Bookstore (Plaza Tunjungan II). Beware of hustlers.
    • Swimming pools
      • Pasar Atom at Jln Bunguran (near Semut railway station). Open-air rooftop building, 5th floor.
      • Water Park Swimming Complex at Jln Kenjeran. Large complex. Cruisy especially on Mon from 1-6pm. Private shower rooms available.
    • Taman Hiburan Rakyat (THR)
        Jln Kusuma Bangsa (near Mega M Complex). Open air entertainment with dangdut and waria shows on Thu nights from 7-10pm.
    • Taman Remaja
        Near the stage. Thurs night drag show. Transgenders, gay men, lesbians.
    • Terminal Bungur Asih is a car wash with lots of drivers who take showers after they wash their cars

      Comments from Utopians:

      "Another location for transgenders is the Waru roundabout near City of Tomorrow shopping mall." -- darkrelic, Mar 12, 2011

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Indigo (mixed)
        Mojopahit Mandarin Hotel on Jln Tunjungan. Fabulous regional and western food.
    • Portofino (mixed)
        Shangri-La on Jln Mayjend. Sungkono. Great Italian food.

Saunas and Fitness for Men

    • Atlas Clark Hatch
        Jln Dharma Husada Indah. Mostly Chinese and Indonesians.
    • Graha Residence
        Jln Darmo Harapan 1, 732-9945, 732-9946. Clean and Olympic size swimming pool, spa and sauna. Mainly expatriates swim here.-->

    • Hotel Narita
        Jln Barata Jaya (near Ubaya University). Mostly office workers. Many gay members.
    • Klub Primalaras
        Darmo Grande. Some foreigners.
    • Sheraton Health Club
    • Water Park Pantai Ria Kenjeran swimming pool, Sun at 4pm.

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